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22nd February 2019

just to say hello

21st February 2019

I wondered if anyone thought that you could try debbie’s Betsy Bag into a backpack style bag.

20th February 2019

hi from taunton som

hi everyone hope all is goinf well for you all , anyone in my area ?

18th February 2019

pattern for small dogs.

Hi Debbie please can you do some patterns for outfits for small dogs i have just got 3 recues ones and they need to be keep warm and would like to made them some nice warm ones and maybe some toys too lol.I think my new little ones need some very...

17th February 2019

Pattern sizing

Hi Everyone I've just watched Debbies instructions about the amount of material to buy for a pattern. My questions is when looking at the sizes do you go mby the largest measurement on your body for the material required. Ie if you're...

16th February 2019

Hi waer can i get all the tuesday tips from as i am not on facebook and would like to print them up

15th February 2019

Rainbow cushion

I am like a child in a sweet shop , just used my free motion foot and my first pattern piece , i am so. Enjoying learning new things thank you Debbie for your amazing teaching xx

11th February 2019


will you be posting videos like you do on you tube to follow

10th February 2019

Bosal Foam

I have bought fusable Bosal foam to make bags but when i iron it on the fabric becomes  wrinkley.  Why would it do this when it's purpose is to fuse it to fabric. Any suggestions.   Nina

4th February 2019

What new techniques pages would you like to see on the Half Yard Sewing Club?

What skills or top tips would you like me to cover for the club?

4th February 2019

What projects would you like to see on the Half Yard Sewing Club?

Why not leave an answer below? What would you like to see me make in the future?

4th February 2019

Welcome to my Ask a Member page!

Welcome to my brand new Ask a Member page! You can submit questions, attach an image if it helps explain your question, and explain your question further if you would like!