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9th October 2019

scottie dog measurements

Hello I saw Debbie making this Scottie Dog on utube .I have tried to contact the 1/2 yard club but they have not wrote back. The measurements she gives for the head seem far too small I think she said 3 cm. Has anyone made it that could...

9th October 2019


6th October 2019

How and what can i use instead of eye lets in toy bag thanks (beginer sewer)

6th October 2019

Messenger bag

Is it me or are the pattern pieces for the bag sides and bag base wrongly marked. My sides were too long but the base not long enough.   

4th October 2019


I'm so happy that I got to buy 2 books. I've got 7 already lol looking forward to them .. this is the reason i sew , cos of debbie shore ????????

1st October 2019

sewing machine cover confusion!

Hi, am a new sewer and I’m making the sewing machine cover from August. I’m puzzled by instruction 3 where it says to make a template of the shape of the side of the machine and add 2.5 cm to the height and width measurement. So far, so...

23rd September 2019


I would like to find out how I unsubscribe from this club.   thank you    Lynn 

20th September 2019

Foam Cutting

I want to cut a block of foam to size as i am making a seat, I am aware of the electric knife method but i do not want to purcase an electric knife just to do this, does anyone know any other methods they have just and it has worked for them.

16th September 2019

Charged Twice

Has anyone else being debited twice for the same month membership

12th September 2019

Sewing Machine Feet

Where can I purchase sewing machine feet for a Viscount Silver Sewing Machine 1080

5th September 2019

Hi team where can I buy different colour webbing handle for storage cube

4th September 2019

kids body suit vests

please help. my son is nearly 4 and autistic and body suit vests are hard to buy i want to make them i have the metal snaps and tool but what do i hem them with for edge and any one can shre how please as i couldnt find any youtube videos? im...

2nd September 2019

September project

Hi, I'm going to make the messenger bag but I'm struggling to find the buckle. Anyone know where I can find these. I was sure I could one them on ebay but nothing.  Help!!!!

2nd September 2019


I’ve just invested in a bag maker zipper placement template, has anybody else got one and do you think it’s easier to use than manually drawing an box for a inverted zipper pocket.?

1st September 2019

Why is it coming up at 12.99 and not £6

1st September 2019

How do I get the special offers of the stuffed animals that has been advertised all last month


1st September 2019

Another website.

Oops. I got that wrong. I’ve just found another one of Debbie’s websites. It’s Lots more great projects. Check it out, you’ll love it. 

1st September 2019

New website.

26th August 2019

How do you find July tutorial. August is on site when I log in but not Juky

23rd August 2019

recently lost my mom and would like to make a memory bear out of her old clothes any ideas x

19th August 2019


I am a beginner at sewing,I am teaching myself through YouTube and reading books and magazines. How do I increase the project patterns in the back of the books by 100% 200% etc.. I do not have a printer and my local library don't...

18th August 2019


I’m trying to do the piping on the Perfectly piped bag and finding it really difficult.  The tape is 1” and cord 1/4”. Would I be better getting a narrower cord or cutting the tape wider?

18th August 2019


can any one tell me the easiest way to cut a big circle without obviously having a giant cirle template. thanks

8th August 2019

Hi any person know where to buy duck panel and sewing machine panel, June 10th 711th. Many thanks

7th August 2019

Bar codes for videos

Have brought have a hard bags has bar codes for videos how do I access them

7th August 2019

how to quilt the block of the month

Hi can anyone help me never quilted a quilt block before,i have been making Debbies quilt of the month but not quilted them yet, what is the best way to start and what size stitch do i use? and do i need a bigger eye need on my machine? Thank you...

1st August 2019

Weekend bad mesh

Hi I having a hard time finding the mesh for the bottom of the weekend bag . I need 16? x 6in (41 x 14cm) of mesh plastic canvas, but I try searching and can find any that big    many thanks nicy 

30th July 2019

Sewing a base in a bag

I'm using Debbie's occasion build a bag book and I'm doing my first bag with a separate base. I'm new to sewing btw, been a couple of months. Ican do it all but when it comes to putting the base in the instructions just state "now...

27th July 2019

Various backings

Please can you advise the best fusible interfacing, fusible wadding/fleece and now also fusible foam (bosal) to use and keep a small collection of because I get confused sometimes on which to use for craft projects. thank you  heather

27th July 2019


Hi can anyon tell me what tme Debbie going to be on sunday with her new fabric please.

26th July 2019

Any know the date the re newal is for members who have been here since day one?

25th July 2019

Hi. Can anyone tell me what channel number Create and craft is?

25th July 2019

Fusible wadding, Best Buy and where

25th July 2019

Which cutting mat to buy?

I am new to sewing, and looking to buy an A1 self healing cutting mat. There seem to be so many to choose from, so just wondering if you have any recommendations please? Many thanks

15th July 2019

I recently saw instruction to make a door sausage for draughts, but I can't find it.

It also had a very long zip and was stuffed with old towels. 

15th July 2019

My bag I made to come to loch Awe. Scotland is just beautiful.

13th July 2019

Account question

I cancelled my membership but my card number is still showing could you please delete it for me.

9th July 2019

fusible fleece on cotton

Can anyone give me tips on how to apply fusible fleece(Heat n bond) to 100% cottons like Debbie's or cotton fat quarters as I don't seem to get the smooth finish I want, as I do on heavier weight cotton /canvas fabrics.?

7th July 2019

Does anyone know what stay tape is for shoulderseams?

3rd July 2019

does anyone have butterick blouse pattern 6324?

3rd July 2019

Lilypad quilt shown on CCraft: is there a pattern for this?

2nd July 2019

Block of the month

Hello Not sure if I'm going mad but block 7 & 8 look the same to me. Kind regards Kathy

2nd July 2019

Square cushion smocking

Hi Debbie  Square smocked cushion Please can you help with my query.  On the extra project for the square cushion the materials say gauze and cotton balls. Can you please explain the gauze because I'm unsure where you apply this on...

24th June 2019

Honeycomb smocking.

Hi everyone.  Do any of the members know of a tutorial for a Honeycomb smocking tutorial that gives measurements for an 18 inch cushion?  I've completed 3 of Debbie's designs, not nearly as well as Debbie herself but I really enjoyed doing...

18th June 2019

sew inspired mag

hi can anyone help me i can not get the down loads for sew inspired mag 16, please help? thank you. 

10th June 2019

building on skills .

im new to sewing.ive made make up bags, tissue covers,aprons, christmas stockings,i made two simple girls dresses.since joining here ive made debbies laundry bag and a simple question is how do you know you have enough skills before you start...

7th June 2019

Has anyone added a shoulder strap to the Weekend Bag?

2nd June 2019

Wooden poles for Teepee

Anyone know where I can purchase wooden poles for the teepee featured in Debbie’s new book Sew Outdoor Living.  My granddaughter spotted it and has put in her order :) 

1st June 2019

Free Motion without drop feed dogs

I wonder if anybody could help.  I have only recently taken up sewing and am really keen to try quilting.  I have made little sample blocks to practice free motion quilting but my machine can't seem to cope with doing anything other than going...

28th May 2019

Live Stream Questions

Hi, I would be interested to know the information about the fabrics used in your makes, name of fabric or collection and who by, maybe you could say at the beginning of your videos, thank you. Also, how many sewing machines do you use?, I've...

20th May 2019

Can anyone tell me where to buy faux leather from?

20th May 2019

Can anyone tell me where to buy faux leather from?

20th May 2019

Hello, does anyone know if Debbie has a sewing book for young children beside the Sew Baby book?

I have grandboys from age 3 to age 5 and wanting to make easy summer play clothes. 

19th May 2019

machine needle

Hi whats the best needle to sew faux leather with? thanks.

17th May 2019

weekend bag

Hi can anyone tell me if i made the weekend bag all in faux leather would i still need to use fleece interfacing? Thanks.

15th May 2019

Hi, I was just wondering what has happened to Let's Get Sewing Project Book?

7th May 2019

The Weekend Bag

The Weekend Bag pattern/video featured this month - are the bags washable according to the fabric used and how would they be laundered if there are mixed types of fabric, like the faux leather and cotton featured in the video?

6th May 2019

mens boxers

can any one please tell me what material i am looking for to make mens stretch bosers please? hubby wants me to make some funky ones but i have no idea what the material is called.   thank you in advance (I love this club!)

5th May 2019

I would like to make a quilt double or king-size. Do l cut the squares bigger and if so what size.

4th May 2019


Please can anyone help me.  I'm making cushion covers and found a great match for the piping.  I followed Debbie's video, no problem until I came to joining the ends!  I didn't think it through and I don't know how to join them...

2nd May 2019

Can anyone recommend where to buy double slider lightweight zippers and good colour choice.

30th April 2019

Would you need a stabiliser on waxed cotton?

29th April 2019

Bobbins for a BUTTErick machine where can I buy them

28th April 2019

Change from windows to mac

hi everyone, I have a Mac for 5 years now ( well hubby has) and fished out all my Debbie cd roms , but now I can’t play or get my patterns up boohoo. is there anyway I can make them work now i wish Debbie could make her disc in all...

26th April 2019


when zig zagging around an applique how many times do you go around the you have to use a fuseable glue to stop fraying or is the zig zag stitch enough   

26th April 2019

fabric help

i want to make my two sons come jersey shorts and t shirts for summer. not having much luck finding the right material. i want them for be a little stretchy and soft. can i have adivce on anywhere to buy and what types please. photo of my little men...

25th April 2019

Any views on using waxed canvas to make bags? I.e leather needle or denim

24th April 2019


Hi can anyone help me to find this fabric please, is grey with silver leaves? i am in wolverhampton thanks from Daine.

23rd April 2019

Making a toile

Hi everyone,  I would like to make a toile is there anywhere on this site that explains how to do it and do I need a dress makers dummy?   Elaine  

17th April 2019

how many books have you brought out and are they easy to follow.i find watching videos easier

17th April 2019


16th April 2019


About how many yards of inside and outside fabric for the Oilcloth Bag?

5th April 2019


When I joined I was given 2 free months but I seen where you charged my account was wondering how that works. Can you tell me about how long before delivery just an idea. Thank you

4th April 2019

Canadian leaves smocking project

Is it wise to overlock my top and bottom prior to gathering for pleats. Fabric is soft but fraying a little bit.  Thank you in anticipation f your help. Tina Derby

4th April 2019

Which sewing machine!!!

Please, please could I have some recommendations re, which computerised sewing machine you find good. I hope to purchase one and would value some guidance. Many thanks, Dawn

2nd April 2019

Need to find bundle for block of the month

1st April 2019

Was it my imagination did Debbie Shore said that we will be doing more dressmaking techniques?

Will Debbie Shore be talking about any dressmaking techniques?

29th March 2019

Fabric availability

I love the fabrics from the giveaway in Sept and I have googled the Craft Cotton Company (whose fabrics you used in projects on YouTube).  Since I am not a vendor, I cannot purchase from the Craft Cotton Company.  Does anyone know where in...

22nd March 2019


Please can anyone help me. Trying to make my granddaughter a stirred dress but nothing seems to go right especially the wavy lined elastic. Nothing I seem to do goes right. Before I lose my sanity please help me. Thank you. karen

12th March 2019


please could any one help me im trying to work out how many extra blocks ill need on the block a month quilt to fit a superking bed please

11th March 2019

how to work with silk

hi debbie i attempted to make silk pjs for my granddaughter.not very sucessful.the cut wasnt right and found it hard to sew.any tips to improve would be helpful.thank you julie

11th March 2019

Hello Everyone

Hi Debbie I've only just had a chance to watch your February live chat. Thank you for the feedback about my qiestion on patterns and material that I asked about in February. It was really helpful. I live in Basingstoke Hampshire, if...

6th March 2019

Sewing machine

Dear members i have been given a sewing machine but I can’t get it to work properly it is using different size stitching during one use...I don’t know how to adjust the tension. can anyone help advise..thank you. andrea xx

5th March 2019

Satchel. Feb project

ok so I cut out pattern but having trouble with the gusset it says to cut one lining and one main fabric but it isn’t long enough do I cut two and sew together ?  Same with the pocket gusset as well it says cut two lining fabric but...

4th March 2019

Fabric layout

I was going to make a dress in 150 wide fabric , on the paper pattern it said put to fold but on layout the fabric was not folded you have to turn over your pattern . Doing this you can not put all your peices on the fabric is there a way to do this...

2nd March 2019

March Videos

Is anyone else having a problem with the March videos?  There are 2 but when I run them they are both the same - they show the coffee /mug covers.  No sign of the tea cosy or oven mits for me ! Can anyone else see these pleas e 

1st March 2019

do you use the same needles as your sewing machine in an overlocker

1st March 2019

motion foot

what is a motion foot.i have a brother digital machine and a brother over locker.i was looking to buy an embroidery machine next.but if you can use this motion foot for quilting then perhaps i dont need an embroidery machine ?

28th February 2019

Help with different type and weights of material.

Can someone direct me to a site that explains the different types of material? For example 'Cotton Lawn', 'Popplin' etc.

27th February 2019

Travel document case

Any chance of getting a tutorial on making a travel document/ passport case? All this gorgeous weather is making me pine for a holiday & my current shop bought document case is on it’s last legs.

26th February 2019

How are you enjoying the sunshine?

I can't believe how warm it is, I did a bit of smocking in the garden today! What are you up to?   Debbie

24th February 2019

Hello from Adelaide

G’day all. I’m here visiting my daughter and family. Can anyone recommend a fabric store in the Adelaide area where I can buy something different from the stuff I can get in Scotland ?

23rd February 2019

I’m new to the club

Hi I have just joined can anyone tell me do you get patterns . I have been on u tube and seen Debbie and I have made some of her bags , but I’m new to this can anyone tell me how it goes than you  . Kath

22nd February 2019

just to say hello

21st February 2019

I wondered if anyone thought that you could try debbie’s Betsy Bag into a backpack style bag.

20th February 2019

hi from taunton som

hi everyone hope all is goinf well for you all , anyone in my area ?

18th February 2019

pattern for small dogs.

Hi Debbie please can you do some patterns for outfits for small dogs i have just got 3 recues ones and they need to be keep warm and would like to made them some nice warm ones and maybe some toys too lol.I think my new little ones need some very...

17th February 2019

Pattern sizing

Hi Everyone I've just watched Debbies instructions about the amount of material to buy for a pattern. My questions is when looking at the sizes do you go mby the largest measurement on your body for the material required. Ie if you're...

16th February 2019

Hi waer can i get all the tuesday tips from as i am not on facebook and would like to print them up

15th February 2019

Rainbow cushion

I am like a child in a sweet shop , just used my free motion foot and my first pattern piece , i am so. Enjoying learning new things thank you Debbie for your amazing teaching xx

11th February 2019


will you be posting videos like you do on you tube to follow

10th February 2019

Bosal Foam

I have bought fusable Bosal foam to make bags but when i iron it on the fabric becomes  wrinkley.  Why would it do this when it's purpose is to fuse it to fabric. Any suggestions.   Nina

4th February 2019

What new techniques pages would you like to see on the Half Yard Sewing Club?

What skills or top tips would you like me to cover for the club?

4th February 2019

What projects would you like to see on the Half Yard Sewing Club?

Why not leave an answer below? What would you like to see me make in the future?

4th February 2019

Welcome to my Ask a Member page!

Welcome to my brand new Ask a Member page! You can submit questions, attach an image if it helps explain your question, and explain your question further if you would like!