1st July 2019

Block 7 – Square Within A Square

The Square Within A Square is a distinctive quilt block that features in lots of traditional quilt designs.

5th June 2019

An extra Block for June

This classic Ohio Star is a great block for individual makes, or for including in your quilt!

1st June 2019

Block 6 - Whirling Triangles

Use all four fabrics to create June's Whirling Triangles block!

15th May 2019

Diamond Fabric Bowl

Just by bringing together the corners of April’s block of the month ‘Diamond’, you can create the perfect shape for a pretty fabric bowl.

1st May 2019

Block 5 - Flying Geese

May's block is a classic Flying Geese design!

1st April 2019

Block 4 - Diamond

This classic block will really show off your fabrics!

1st March 2019

Block 3 - Balkan Puzzle

The arrangement of this month’s block creates the illusion of larger triangles, simply through the way they’ve been arranged.

1st March 2019

Quilting and sashing

You should now have three completed blocks!

15th February 2019

Quilt block cushion cover

If you’re keen to do something different from the block-of-the-month quilt, or would just like to make a matching cushion cover, here’s a couple of techniques to help give create a cushion cover with a professional finish.

1st February 2019

Block 2 - Pinwheel

Welcome to February's block for my Block of the Month Quilt!

1st January 2019

Block 1 - Flags

Welcome to January's block for my Block of the Month Quilt!

19th December 2018

Welcome to my Block of the Month Quilt!

Welcome to my brand new, sew-along project!