1st July 2019

July 2019 - Slipper Socks

These cosy socks are a real treat for your feet and would make a thoughtful gift too

1st October 2018

Woven Ribbon Bag

The sequence of colours and widths of ribbon when woven create a striking effect for an evening bag.

10th August 2018

Pretty Pinny

Who wouldn’t want to impress dinner guests with this glamorous, retro, girlie apron?

10th August 2018

Circle Bag

Four circles of fabric can come together to make a simple, unique little bag!

10th August 2018

Sunglasses Case

Why not protect your sunglasses with a stylish and personalised accessory?

10th August 2018

Oilcloth Tote

I decided to keep this project really simple.

10th August 2018

Knitting Needle Roll

Pair up your needles in this double-pocketed knitting roll, and there’s a place for your row counters too!