1st December 2018

December 2018 - Rainbow Cushion

At first glance you’d imagine this cushion to be time consuming and fiddly, but it is anything but!

4th December 2018

Christmas cones

These fabric cones are a fun way to decorate your tree.

1st December 2018

Diamond wall hanging

This is a different take on English paper piecing as there is no hand sewing!

15th November 2018

Flower Christmas Stocking

Any little one would love to see this stocking filled with treats on Christmas morning!

1st November 2018

November 2018 - Flying Geese Quilt

This quilt uses a really simple technique to produce a gorgeous effect!

1st November 2018

Pocket Christmas Stocking

You could use an old pair of jeans and a checked shirt to make a recycled stocking, and even put an initial on the pocket to make it personal!

15th October 2018

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion

There is plenty of room on this large pin cushion for pins, needles and safety pins.

1st October 2018

October 2018 - Appliqué Advent Calendar

This calendar is quite large, but year after year you’ll be able to fill it with all manner of goodies!

1st October 2018

Woven Ribbon Bag

The sequence of colours and widths of ribbon when woven create a striking effect for an evening bag.

15th September 2018

Shabby Chic Pumpkins

These pumpkins make a stylish Halloween display but can double up as pin cushions too!

1st September 2018

Smocked Cushion

Canadian smocking is a technique of marking, pinching and stitching your fabric to create folds and texture.

1st September 2018

September 2018 - Rabbit Laundry Bag

What better way to teach little ones to tidy up than by making them this sweet and cuddly laundry bag?

20th August 2018

Heart Cushion

This is a simple to make cushion cover with an envelope back – quick and easy for a beginner!

10th August 2018

Tote Bag

There are a lot of techniques used for this bag: free-motion embroidery, appliqué, zip insertion, magnetic clasp… so this tote isn’t for the faint-hearted!

10th August 2018

Pretty Pinny

Who wouldn’t want to impress dinner guests with this glamorous, retro, girlie apron?

10th August 2018

Basic Cushion Cover

This is probably the one cushion cover you’ll make most often.

10th August 2018

Circle Bag

Four circles of fabric can come together to make a simple, unique little bag!

10th August 2018

Toy Bag

An easy way to store soft toys or play bricks, this useful bag also doubles up as a play mat!

10th August 2018

Sunglasses Case

Why not protect your sunglasses with a stylish and personalised accessory?

10th August 2018

Oilcloth Tote

I decided to keep this project really simple.

10th August 2018

Knitting Needle Roll

Pair up your needles in this double-pocketed knitting roll, and there’s a place for your row counters too!

10th August 2018

Button Bunting

This elegant bunting is pretty enough for the bedroom as well as adding a touch of style to your dining room or living room.

1st August 2018

August 2018 - Craft Caddy

Where better to store your half yards and fat quarters of fabric than in this useful craft bag!