Christmas Cones

Very Easy |

These fabric cones are a fun way to decorate your tree.

This is one of my favourite festive projects, and I've adapted it from my book Half Yard Christmas so that I can share it with you here. Fill them with sweets, little homemade cookies or festively fragranced cinnamon sticks. These instructions are to make four cones, and I’ve chosen red and white fabrics in contrasting designs to fit with the Scandinavian theme of this section of my book!

Tools needed:

  • Sewing machine
  • Hand sewing needle and thread
  • Contrasting thread for tacking
  • 8in (20.5cm) diameter circle template (I used a plate)
  • Spray starch (optional)


  • Two 9in (23cm) square pieces of fabric in contrasting designs
  • Four lengths of ¼in (0.5cm) wide ribbon, each 10in (25.5cm) long
  • Eight small buttons

1. Cut and prepare all your fabrics before you begin. I drew around a plate to mark out the circles.

2. Cut the circles of fabric in half, then in half again to make quarters.

3. Take one quarter, and pin a ribbon strip, facing inwards, 1½in (4cm) in from each side of the curve. Tack the ribbon ends in place and remove the pins.

4. Place a contrasting piece of fabric over the top, right sides together, pin in place, and sew across the curved edge.

5. Open out your joined piece of fabric and refold it, with the right sides facing inwards, to create an elongated diamond shape. Pin the straight sides together then sew along them, leaving a gap of 2in (5cm) on whichever piece of fabric will sit on the inside of your cone.

6. Trim the seam allowances at the points. Turn the right way out and stitch the gap in the lining closed.

7. Push the lining of the cone inside the outer fabric. Carefully press around the top of the cone, to leave a small band of the lining showing. If your fabric is a little too lightweight to hold its shape, use spray starch to add stability. Then add a button at each end of the hanging ribbon for decoration.