15th January 2019

Measuring yourself for a pattern

Always measure yourself before buying a dressmaking pattern, your actual measurements may not be the same as the dress size you’d buy in a shop!

15th February 2019

Pattern instructions

Work through your pattern instructions one step at a time, and you'll find the construction much easier!

15th February 2019

Pattern packaging

Once you've measured yourself, your pattern packaging will give you lots of useful information.

1st March 2019

Pattern markings

Pattern markings help you to really understand your pattern's construction - here's how to read them!

15th March 2019

Transferring pattern markings

Transferring pattern markings accurately is a key step in producing a well-finished garment.

16th April 2019

Bust adjustment

Most patterns are sized for a B-cup; if you need a different size, this technique is for you!

16th April 2019

Hip adjustment

Adjusting the hip measurement is one of the easiest ways to tailor your garments!

15th June 2019

Lengthening and shortening patterns

For the perfect fit, you may need to change the length of some of your pieces!

15th July 2019

Stitching techniques

There are some types of stitching for dressmaking that beginners may not recognise!

15th August 2019

Sewing a yoke

Adding a yoke creates a lovely professional finish!