About me

When I think back to my childhood I remember sewing always being a part of it. My mum was a seamstress and had a sewing room with cupboards full of wonderful fabrics, old biscuit tins full of buttons and threads, and drawers full of ribbons and lace.

She'd encourage me to make dolls' clothes and then dolls, before moving on to making clothes for myself. An enthusiastic fan of upcycling, mum taught me how to repair and alter my growing wardrobe by darning socks, shortening skirts (this was the Sixties after all!) and making the flared legs of my jeans even wider by adding triangular flashes of paisley fabric to the side seams.

Throughout an extensive career in television, as both a presenter and actor, sewing was and still is my relaxation, although nowadays it's my profession as well! I'm designing products and patterns to make your sewing life easier, and fun, quality fabrics for you to work with.

I am so proud to have been voted Sewing Designer of the Year in the Immediate Media British Craft Awards 2017, and for the awards my books have received - I don't think even my mum could have guessed how valuable those lessons in home sewing Sixties-style would prove to be!