Expert reviews

" Here is Debbie doing what Debbie does best, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing, with such fun and interesting craft projects. This club is perfect for sewers of all abilities, featuring easy to understand instructions, images and videos."

The Craft Cotton Company

" This weekend I have been lucky enough to have guest access to the fantastic new club run by the ever-talented @debbieshore - Half Yard Sewing Club! Debbie's Half Yard book series are a staple of many people's sewing experiences & so this club feels like a natural progression! It is a subscription club (so you can pay a monthly fee or an annual fee) but this gives you exclusive member-only access to Debbie's top tips & techniques (such as bias binding, letterbox zips, magnetic clasps) as well as access to monthly projects with downloadable templates, clear instructions & accompanying photos/videos (there were 11 different projects in month 1 alone! I alreay have my eye on the button bunting & craft caddy!) Alongside the wide range of projects you also have a digital notebook so that you can jot down any notes about the project as you make it & it'll be your own personal reference!"

Naomi Clarke, @naomialicec

" If you have been following my 'Build A Bag' book reviews, you will know I am a massive fan of Debbie Shore. Debbie is one of the most popular and successful sewing designers in the UK, her books are amazing and just perfect for beginners and advanced stitchers. She has now branched further and created a brilliant online sewing club. To join the club, there is a monthly fee of £5.99 per month or £60 for a yearly subscription. For this, you get a wealth of sewing information from the great lady herself and with projects, techniques and access to Debbie's blog, where she gives helpful advice and of course her deep dark sewing secrets, it is a good way to be part of a growing sewing community. The  Half Yard Sewing Club was launched in August. There was a huge surge of sewing fans happy to sign up and 250 of us subscribed on day one, with 30% subscribing to a full years membership. There are now over 700 subscribers, all taking advantage of the inspiration and free projects on offer. The Facebook group had over 3000 views on launch day and over 6,500 sewing crazy people viewed the youtube show. Debbie talks of the places she visits, and she has recently made a trip to Delhi, and came back laden with beautiful Indian trimmings and fabrics. I cannot wait to see what she does with them. There are giveaways, videos and of course social media sites that are specific to the club. The live shows are there for tutorials and of course you can ask any questions you may have. Debbie is very happy to answer them and as we all know her knowledge is extensive so it's a great way to get a one on one feel.  Debbie Shore in your own living room what more can a sewing addict want...? The projects are stunning. Each month a new one is there for free download, and each come with a step by step instruction which is easy to follow and simple to understand. The September project is a cute Rabbit Laundry Bag, but the previous projects are there for you to download too. So don't think you have missed out. Other beautiful projects are also available, making sure we are not without something to sew or inspiration. I will be definitely making the August project, which is a cute and very useful Craft Caddy. Want more???? There are exclusive discount codes for Debbie's books,  Top Tip Tuesday gives a very handy tip, and help with quilting, zips, Applique, and choosing the right fabric. There is also a personal 'notebook; for you to log any projects or details you need to remember. Debbie really has thought of everything One thing I do hope to see is a 'stitch-along-project'. I think it will be fun to have a whole community of sewists all completing the same project at the same time. I am very excited."

Tracy Shephard, Postcard Reviews

" If you are a fan of Debbie’s style and her books the website will be very attractive to you. It’s a great way to get bonus projects that you can’t find elsewhere, and the step by step videos are a very useful resource. It’s often easier to figure something out when you see it demonstrated rather than just read about it. The price is around the price of a monthly magazine and like with magazines you get a discount if you subscribe for a full year. The site is also ideal for those new to sewing, having video, photos and written instructions to guide you, along with technique guides and extra support from Debbie if needed will really help people progress their sewing skills."

Fiona Pullen, The Sewing Directory,

" I loved the live chat with Debbie, it was so nice to have her answering questions and generally seeing her in her own environment was lovely. Can’t wait for more lovely projects."

Leah, Half Yard Sewing Club testing team

" I found it very smooth and easy to navigate. The presentation of it is very professional, and the photography and clarity is so inviting that it draws you in to explore."

Violet, Half Yard Sewing Club testing team

" The live chat showed us what we all know about Debbie, she has a great talent but she is humble and just like most of us willing to learn something new every day. Debbie will be great at this we love it that she is natural when she is Facebooking with us."

Janet, Half Yard Sewing Club testing team

" The projects look interesting and the website has a nice, clean design. I really liked the tips and techniques section. I also found the “My Notebook” section to be a cool feature. I feel like this would be especially helpful if you plan to make projects more than once."

Jamie, Half Yard Sewing Club testing team