Join my Half Yard Sewing Club

  • Download a brand new project each month, with full instructions, patterns, and informative video.
  • Let me answer your questions in my online feedback sessions.
  • Join me in my online studio and learn my sewing secrets.
  • Use your own online notebook to keep track of your projects.
  • Membership costs just £5.99/US$9.95 a month, or get a whole year's membership for just £60/US$99 - that's two whole months for free!

Come and join me

Join me in my brand-new Half Yard Sewing Club! Each month you will get an exclusive project with full instructions, patterns and an informative video showing you how to make the project and more. Every monthly project has been specially designed for the club by me and will feature favourite subjects that I know you will love, for you, your home and for you to make for your family and friends.

Every month there will be an online feedback session via Facebook Live where you can ask me any questions about the project, we can talk about variations and colour themes and you can share your ideas and your creations with me and the other members of the club. You can also share your designs to the Half Yard Sewing Club Facebook group!

The club will also include lots of free extra projects for you to make, each one designed by me and available for you to download and work on whenever you want. The club will allow you to create a bank of projects, ready for you when you need them.

The club will also become a wonderful resource of Tips and Techniques for you to refer to whenever you want. The Tips and Techniques sections will always be there to guide you as you sew, and every project will link to the techniques that it uses, making it easier than ever to sew beautiful things!

I have also created an online notebook for club members to use, to save images and notes from each project as you work, and to keep them all in one handy place.

I can't wait for you to join me in my Half Yard Sewing Club, where you can see me at work and learn my sewing secrets. I love my work space and I want you to see what you can do to make your sewing space a haven for your creativity.